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If you are interested in advertising on BBC platforms, please send an email to one of the addresses below.

Office Telephone Email
Asia Pacific, Hong Kong +852 2511 2626 asiaadsales@bbc.com
Asia Pacific, Japan +81 3 5414 0578 asiaadsales@bbc.com
Asia Pacific, Singapore +65 6507 4240 asiaadsales@bbc.com
Australasia, Sydney +612 9744 4500 salessydney@bbc.com
Europe and Africa, London +44 20 8433 0000 saleslondon@bbc.com
Europe, Paris +33 1 44 958406 salesparis@bbc.com
India, Bangalore +91 80 2235 1070 salesbangalore@bbc.com
India, Mumbai +91 22 3065 2121 salesmumbai@bbc.com
India, New Delhi +91 11 4608 3800 salesdelhi@bbc.com
Middle East & North Africa, Dubai +971 4 367 8090 salesdubai@bbcworld.ae
North America, New York +1 212 705 9300 tim.wastney@bbc.com
Canada, Toronto +1 416 204 0500 salescanada@bbc.com

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